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Hydrotex of Western Nebraska & Wyoming

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Hydrotex Oil Grease Lubrication
Hydrotex Oil and Grease

Lubrication for Your Industry

"Failure is not an event, it is a process"
Truck Oil & Grease
Trucking & Transportation

Extended oil change intervals, unmatched protection and improved efficiency are the reasons the trucking industries have adopted Hydrotex oils & fuel improvers.  Read a real-world success story!

Heavy Construction Oil & Grease
Heavy Equipment & Construction

Heavy equipment operates in some of the most extreme and dirty environments.  This is no time for your oils or lubrication to fail.  Less down-time means higher profits.

Agricultural oils and greases
Agriculture & Farming

When you rely on your equipment like Ag & Farming professionals do, you trust only Hydrotex to protect and extend the life of your valuable equipment.  

Oil & Grease for pupil transport
Pupil/Student Transport

Transporting students safely and reliably carries the utmost importance.  Hydrotex prolongs equipment life, extends lubrication change intervals, helps you meet budget requirements and offers a greener environmental footprint.

Oil & Grease for Fleet Vehicles
Fleet Vehicles

Fleet vehicles get abused and there is no way around it!  You can help keep your fleet healthy and save your operation money with fewer repairs and longer fluid change intervals.  Your fleet deserves Hydrotex.  Call us today.  

Food grade oil and grease
Food Grade Processing

The food manufacturing and processing industries have unique requirements and Hydrotex food grade products have you protected.  Inquire today about our line-up. 

Industrial Oil & Grease
Industrial & Manufacturing

Some of the most extreme demands from lubrication oils & greases comes from the industrial industries.  Machinery life is extended with Hydrotex product lines.

City, County, State Vehicle oil and grease
City/County/State Vehicles

Municipalities offering critical services rely heavily on their vehicles.  Safety services, sanitation, roads and public works vehicles have to work day in and day out.  Hydrotex keeps them running!

Racing oils & grease
High Performance / Racing

Motorsports enthusiasts of all kinds put nothing other than Hydrotex in their race and performance oriented vehicles.  If lap times matter or if you simply want the best for your car or truck...chose Hydrotex!

Featured Product of the Month

Hydrotex Product of the Month

Hydrotex Motor Oil, Lubricants and Fuel Improvers - Hydrotex Lubricants is excited to present a new featured product every month.  Each month we will offer a Hydrotex product that will help your equipment prepare for and survive the upcoming seasonal climate extremes.  

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Featured Product
Hydrotex Corporate Office
Warehouse for oil & grease
  • Diesel & gasoline motor oils for all applications

  • Greases and lubes for all industries

  • Fuel improvers for diesel and gasoline

  • Fuel & oil testing prevents unforeseen problems

  • Transmission & specialty applications

  • FREE Shipping & Delivery Always!

Oil & Grease Store


With over 80 years of innovation Hydrotex® has become a leader in lubrication solutions to customers across the United States. We are a manufacturer and distributor of high performance lubricant and fuel improver products. As an employee owned company, our goal is to make your equipment last longer by reducing maintenance costs. Our products increase equipment reliability and prolong equipment life while saving energy, reducing pollution and extending asset life.

We serve the following industries: Agriculture, Municipalities, Food processing, Military,  U.S. Government, Petrochemical and Transportation Sectors and more.



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Oils, Greases & Fuel Improver Products


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Hour Customer Service
Hydrotex Team

The Hydrotex Team

Phillip Holliday President Hydrotex

Phillip Holliday

Gering Nebraska


Hydrotex Oil & Grease Team
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Pricing & Inquiries

For pricing inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 308-635-8162 or fill out the following form below. 

Hydrotex Offices & Warehouse

2860 Holliday Park Drive

Gering, NE 69341


Tel: 308-635-8162

Cell: 308-631-8039

Fax: 308-633-3561

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